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EXTREME TECH: Solar Impulse 2 begins longest solar-powered flight ever, forced to abort

Solar Impulse 2 is an aircraft on a mission — to circumnavigate the globe using nothing but the power of the sun. The journey is being undertaken in multiple legs, and it kicked off several months ago. The plane was to make the most daring part of the trip over the weekend, but the flight from China to Hawaii was aborted mid-way through due to inclement weather.


The flight from Nanjing China to Hawaii would have shattered the record for longest single solar-powered flight at over 5,000 miles. Solar Impulse is capable of speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, but the pilots (there are two who trade off each leg) keep it to a more modest 60 mph in order to improve efficiency. It might not move very fast, but it has a wingspan greater than a Boeing 747 to generate sufficient lift.

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NASDAQ: Asian ADRs Slip as Solar Energy Stocks Trade Lower

American depository receipts of Asian stocks were trading 0.7% lower at 156.43 on the Bank of New York Mellon Asia ADR Index on Tuesday.

Decliners in North Asia were led by International (CTRP), a consolidator of hotel accommodations and airline tickets, down 8.2%, followed by photovoltaic cell manufacturers ReneSola (SOL) and Hanwha Q Cells (HQCL), 7.0% and 3.8% lower, respectively. Online leisure travel company Tuniu Corp (TOUR) was also trading 3.2% lower.

In Southern Asia, Indian banks ICICI Bank (IBN) and HDFC Bank (HDB) slid by 3.6% and 3.3%, respectively, while car manufacturer Tata Motors (TTM) fell 1.2%.

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INVESTOPEDIA: Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

With the growing threat of climate change due to the excessive release of carbon emissions, many nations are looking to clean energy alternatives to replace traditional fossil fuels.

Of all the clean energy alternatives, solar has arguably been the most expensive. However, after considering the pros and cons along with the 80% drop in solar panel prices over the last five years, the future of solar energy is looking rather bright.

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THE GUARDIA: How renewable energy in South Africa is quietly stealing a march on coal

The howling wind drives the turbines, their blades bent back from the force as they spin in the evening light and send electricity to local villages in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

High up on the top of the turbine, local resident Lungela Vongu, dressed in a safety harness and hard hat leans far out over the 100 meter drop to check that the wind speed detector is working properly. “This wind farm is bringing a lot more jobs into this community for the people, without it there is no future here,” he says.

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