How the founders of the solar design software, OpenSolar, digitized 20 years of solar expertise

Andrew Birch, Co-Founder of the first company to deliver online solar designs (OpenSolar), tells us what his research suggests is the answer to scaling solar by 30 percent per year through 2050 to address climate change.

The 1st barrier – permitting.
The 2nd barrier – need to add 10M people to the industry in the next 10 years.

The question is – How could you possibly scale? The solution is a complete end-to-end software solution that wraps CRM, proposals and financing together, but it’s not just software. Andrew is bringing in service providers to exhibit products and essentially pulls everything into a single place. He makes that bundle white labeled to installers, as well as accessible and online and completely free.

That’s Open Solar, but there’s so much to Birchy’s story.

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