The US postal service is seeking solar RFPs for its facilities

The United States Postal Service (“USPS”) is requesting proposals for a power purchase agreement (PPA) utilizing portions of certain USPS owned properties for the purpose of installing, operating and maintaining solar power and other renewable energy systems.

The USPS, which is an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the United States Government, anticipates entering in to lease and/or a combination of a lease and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with successful Offeror(s).

The RFP concerns their facilities in California, DC, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

The offerors to the RFP are required to make two “alternate” offers 1 and 2 whereby:

Alternate 1a: Lease arrangement where the Offeror retains project environmental and energy rights.

Alternate 1b: Lease arrangement where the Offeror retains environmental attributes and is paid a PPA price which is indexed to USPS’ retail electric price (i.e., a defined percentage of the retail price).

Alternate 2: Any arrangement/structure different from Alternate 1a and Alternate 1b.

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U.S. Postal Service seeks solar project proposals for facilities in California, DC, Massachusetts and New Jersey

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