US solar and wind sectors lean republican over democrats

US solar and wind power firms have donated far more to Republicans than Democrats in congressional races this election cycle.

Renewables typically depend on government subsidies and policies, Reuters says, and the donations come at a time when Republicans control Congress and the majority of statehouses across the country.

“We support those leaders who share our vision,” said Arthur Haubenstock, vice president of policy and strategy at 8minutenergy Renewables LLC, a California-based solar project developer, and treasurer of a newly formed employee-funded political action committee that shares the company’s name. So far, the PAC has donated only to Republicans.

In all, political action committees representing solar and wind companies have donated nearly $400,000 to candidates and PACs in the 2018 election cycle, including $247,000 to Republicans, $139,300 to Democrats, and $7,500 to independents, according to the Reuters analysis.

That marks a record.

During the 2016 presidential elections, the first cycle during which the clean energy industry gave more to the GOP than to Democrats, Republicans received just over half of the combined $695,470 in political contributions from major wind and solar PACs.

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