China now leads the world in solar power production

China’s economic investment in renewable power is estimated to total 2.5 trillion yuan (upwards of US $366 billion) by 2020, according to the NEA.

The BBC profiles a number of graduates and entrepreneurs who have headed to China from the US to seek careers in the solar industry.

China’s rapid expansion of renewable energy has caught headlines around the world, the piece notes.

The Commitment:
The country’s climate change policy is changing.

With increased investment in renewable energy, the world leader in carbon emissions is committing to improve its climate policy.

The facts don’t lie:
The International Energy Agency estimates that China installed more than 34 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016 – more than double the figure for the US and nearly half of the total added capacity worldwide that year.

Early figures for 2017 show China has added another eight gigawatts in the first quarter alone.

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