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It’s been a stunning year of growth and milestone achievements for the solar industry, and there hasn’t been any shortage of groundbreaking news stories to report. But we had to make a list, so here are the top 10 most popular stories this year.

1. The saga of the White House solar panels—A solar story
Did you know that solar panels were once installed on the White House roof? Then they were removed. Then put back again?

2. CNBC’s top 10 U.S. companies by installed solar capacity
#1 added over 40 megawatts last year, and now has more than 200 megawatt of installed solar power capacity.

3. 4 images that make you want a Net-Zero home in Ontario
A Net Zero home produces at least as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. You’ll want to live in one after going through this list.

4. 4 tips for installing solar photovoltaic panels on a new construction
If you are constructing a new house and want it to be powered by the sun, there are a few helpful things to keep in mind during the planning stage.

5. List of the 7 largest photovoltaic solar power plants in the world
Globally, solar power is growing at a tremendous scale—to give you a perspective—here is a list of the largest projects in the world.

6. Ford strikes again: long-awaited net metering changes cancelled
The changes would have enabled third party ownership of net-metered facilities, provided flexibility for virtual net metering projects, and introduced standard disclosures for customer owned net metering.

7. Battery electric cars are a better choice for emissions reduction
A study of energy use in a community near Stanford finds that all-electric battery cars offer a more affordable way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions than cars powered by hydrogen.

8. Hold that thought. Energy storage is growing on Ontario’s electric grid
While Ontario may not be in the lead on storage, it has recognized storage as a “game-changing technology” for the province’s electric grid.

9. Remember the Tesla Solar Roof Tiles? Yeah, what happened to those?
Tesla made a big deal out of its Solar Roof in 2016, but two years later it has barely shipped any.

10. Solar panels in the shadow of the Ontario election
Ontario elections focus on many issues—but the rising cost of electricity is becoming the main subject of an “insanely charged political discussion” today.

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