Solar Ontario 2016, May 16 – 17th in Niagara Falls is the vital meeting point for the solar energy industry in Ontario who are actively pursuing new business opportunities in the fast changing solar energy market.

Over 300 solar and energy sector industry professionals, policy-makers, regulatory decision-makers and stakeholders will convene to build and maintain their network and to benefit from the insights and perspectives shared during conference keynote addresses, interactive briefings and lively panel discussions.

Fallsview Casino Resort Niagara and Hilton Niagara Falls
6361 Fallsview Boulevard
Niagara Falls, Ontario

The conference highlights will include:

Keynote Addresses from Ontario’s leading electricity sector decision-makers.
Briefings on status and future direction of solar procurement through microFIT, FIT and LRP.
Comprehensive pre-conference workshop on behind-the-meter solar and storage.

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CanSIA’s Game Changer Awards Gala now opens Solar Ontario 2016!

Join us on May 16th for an evening of unlike any other awards gala. Yes, we hand out awards but you will be entertained along the way! The Game Changer Awards recognize the excellence of the many individuals and organizations that have helped the solar energy industry mature by pursuing the path that will lead us to an even brighter future.

Watch the video from last year if you don’t believe us!

Attending this gala will give you the opportunity to network with professionals who have made a difference in this industry.

We are recognizing individuals in the following categories:

Solar Industry Leader
Recognizes an individual whose leadership has inspired the growth and development of the solar industry in Canada. The recipient is honoured for leading by example, demonstrating long-term thinking and a win/win attitude.

Emerging Solar Leader
Presented to a student or recent graduate (age 30 – 35) who demonstrates leadership in promoting the adoption of solar energy.

President’s Solar Award
Recognizes an individual’s volunteer efforts in making a difference. Awarded at the discretion of the President (no nominations).

WIRE Women of Distinction Award
Nominations will be accepted directly through WIRE (Women in Renewable Energy).
Solar Power Woman of Distinction Award: Nominations will open shortly

The Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) Solar Power Woman of Distinction award highlights and celebrates the influence and impact of extraordinary women in Canadian solar industries. The award will be presented at CanSIA’s Game Changer Awards on May 16, 2016. More details to follow

Categories for Corporate Awards include:

Solar Adopter
Recognizes a corporation from outside the solar supply-chain whose commitment to solar energy is fostering sustainable awareness practices for itself, its suppliers and its customers.

Project Finance Innovation
The declining cost of solar installations, globally, is being driven in large part by the availability of low-cost financing. This award will recognize creativity and innovation in Canadian solar energy project financing.

Community/First Nations’ Solar Project
Community and First Nations’ solar projects serve as natural showcases for solar energy, benefitting both the local populace and the wider environment. This award will recognize the commitment and excellence by community and First Nations groups that choose to make a difference with solar.

Solar Service Excellence
Recognizes service excellence in the delivery of support services to the solar sector from any of the engineering, construction, legal, accounting, banking and financial service industries, with an emphasis on cost efficiency, ethical practice and/or health and safety excellence..

Solar Thermal Project of the Year
Awarded to the Institutional, Commercial or Industrial (ICI) solar thermal project that, either through high visibility, meaningful stakeholder engagement or innovative features has helped the solar thermal industry become mainstream.

Solar PV Project of the Year
Awarded to the Institutional, Commercial or Industrial (ICI) solar PV project that, either through high visibility, meaningful stakeholder engagement or innovative features, has helped the solar PV industry become mainstream.

Solar Developer
Recognizes excellence in the responsible development of projects through such practices as meaningful stakeholder engagement, strong project management, predicted output and project returns.

Smart Energy Management
Solar energy is playing an increasingly pivotal role in comprehensive approaches to energy management. This award will recognize successful efforts to integrate solar into a holistic energy management environment.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

Solar power is about to get MUCH cheaper, or so they say.

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