Tesla solar panels will only be sold together with the company’s Powerwall battery

Tesla is going to sell its solar products, solar roofs and solar panels integrated with its Powerwall home battery packs

Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that Tesla is changing the way it sells its solar roof and solar panels. That the company will only sell its solar-panel products with its Powerwall storage battery.

Musk explained that having an integrated solar and battery system should present some advantages—such as a more seamless installation process.

The Powerwall battery would also just interface between the utility meter and the home’s main breaker panels, providing customers with backup energy just in case a power outage ensues.

Musk also announced an upcoming software update for the Powerwall, which he says will enable upwards of a 50% power increase depending on production date.

The current Powerwall is rated to provide 5 kW of real power (7 kW peak) in North America, but Musk said that Tesla’s newest units can provide as much as 10kW continuous, and double that in peak under the right circumstances.

The Tesla Powerwall stands as one of the most popular residential battery systems in the market. This, in part, because it offers the least expensive storage option on a per-kWh stored basis.

Considering that the demand for the battery has resulted in long wait times for Powerwall customers, Tesla’s decision to sell the energy storage system with solar products makes sense.

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